Sore feet

 Both of these feet are mine, the left foot’s swollen because I had to walk to a doctor’s clinic, today.
It was nice to get out, have some fresh air, listen to people talk and laugh. There were a couple of people in the doctor’s waiting room. Then she called me. It was my first visit to an arthritis specialist.

She ran a thorough physical exam, asked me all the right questions, then told me she was going to order an MRI and have me come back in six weeks. She told me I have a form of progressive osteoarthritis, related to hemochromatosis.

There’s a point where you tune out. You don’t do it deliberately but you’ve heard all these words before, from someone else or you’ve read them and they just become a jumble and they assume a trance like rhythm of their own.

You ask questions, you get answers, smiles are exchanged, nods are passed around, even handshakes, I put my hat on, the doctor lifts her pen. I go make my next appointment, pay for this one. I limp home. Life on the trail of hemochromatosis.

One thought on “Sore feet

  1. I have so enjoyed your blog! Just sorry it has taking me so long to check it out. We have so much in common, as I guess many do in our situation. I too am so tired of the “you have a progressive form of Osteo, (hemochromotosis Arthrotrophy) and well theres not a lot of treatments available because theres not a lot of research on it because the Pharmaceuticals dont consider it a money maker”. Really? Obviously the Pharmaceuticals need to be better informed on the statistics of people afflicted with this disease. I wish I could get a group together and start pushing for more public knowledge of what Iron Overload is and who it affects!! Even now people say “i’ve never heard of it”. And they dont take it seriously many times. Like you I too have a sugar issue since I was 15 diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, now I am borderline diabetic. And yes..while the disease affects people not of Celtic origin, I have strong Irish bloodlines. Thank you again for your information and follow!


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